Thursday, May 22, 2014


fuck perfect, lightbox shoes,
spin class, hyperforms, stingy
about the penny, padiddle,
the spread’n’outer, the snatch
of conversation, high and dry
pony, freckle-faced imp, zen
gossip, chaste tree berry,
camo high heels, ripped off
by a multinational, chicken
in quotation marks, it’s not
spouge it’s glue, skizzard,
what trance you been in,
don’t need no trance, a
squinch owl, capital ell
luster, checked excess at the
heart, socrates’ corner, meta-
messages, spiral tunnel,
coppa, leeks and oranges,
cushings syndrome,
tlalocal, good ole fawny
chadow, unsprung weight,
glarus, paleotherium,
naming concrete, chiasmus,
anamorphosis, concrete sign,
slant laughter, clusters
of needles, isotopies,
anaphora, word sentences,
meiotic, a paint slat gun,
the alterity industry,

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