Sunday, May 18, 2014

"morselated subject"

antisocial media, kon zuk,
concrete jewelry, entombed in
solid concrete, dojo, strategic
sidekick sacrifice, cluster
of pennies, cluster of coffee
beans, parmelia sulcata plus
one, to unname something,
pseudoanorexia or hunger art,
the american ideology, the
effect of historical and
colonial, hawthorne centenary
essays, idées reçues, the
morselated subject, virtual
subjects, atc normal, blazt,
the white tiger, it’s always
coming again unless it’s not,
ross mail, it’s nothing time!,
a little tight but, let her
lead, penniless scheme-spinners,
auricula, even handed
conversation, beardmore on,
i can just smell us now, mgr
tessier, pronounce rouyn,
pronounce calgary, how do
you feel about pop culture,
no need to call area code,
etkto, nickle eye, a moral
idiot, mysterium coniunctionis,
the black pukes, a fool-saint,
ich dien, melita, specimen
work, network of notworkers,

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