Friday, May 30, 2014

"candy causes crime"

zuchini weeeen, what is this
artist doing, kill for peace,
looks like your colour’s off a
little, tip to, thinking with
your money, you can’t live on
art alone, fried red herrings,
are you a bee or a flower,
a sheet of ham, what is
ascending, this little stamp
caused quite a stir, whittier,
activate postage, real fish,
boucher, fluxsheet, grufo,
hopper op, the world’s biggest
mountain man, seeing it there
or placing it there, baselisk,
kau, fishphone, antarctic
ono, good enuf for rain,
one person’s sucks, paper pills,
spare us the shit, note rust,
guri, ardi, faintings,
moving pictures gallery,
candy causes crime, mal
aware ness, the font of
capitalism, image liberation
front, trailerparktribalcore,
rlish, let’s go rl, infinite
landscape, roxygen, rox gems,
retarded advertizing
works, if you are on the
second level then i am,

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