Wednesday, December 31, 2008


it’s just another day, grab blank,
o r i g i n a l, estimate with eye
or mind, misestimate, the failure
omnibus, this is toner not ink,
blue change, glue luck, ece bike,
hand torn, hand ripped, gives us
two variations?, wood of thot,
the artist that is doing this, e.d.m.
t.e.n., feel free to destroy the copy,
microsoft-centric, why don’t you
read all fifty copies, ece photo,
night bicycles, glue here, lucky
nonidentity, changed information,
blue games, cyberday, losing
worth, this network, still bitter,
where mighta, here onboarding,
fail culture, the it, orange is,
how do you remain legible, enuf
blank to inhabit, glasseats,
increased customer traffic,
didder, the only thing that
changes is the hole, proscuitto,
faeophobia, mummichog and
menhaden, morin khur, perfect
zen failure, acquired situational
narcissism disorder, the higgs
boson, the boswellia tree, the
commiphora tree, h flat h sharp
sing h, chester cheese, mudda
fucca pomost, hired as a local
moron, white ink, inheritance
is not enough, fantails,

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