Thursday, October 23, 2008

times new roman

modelo, the cream of beers, xboxing,
ripe enuf toner, logopo, me on egg,
profligare, gretna green,
klimakter, abjuvulo, butterfly
hat quashers, the superhighway’s
hat, scupper, ricciocarpus natans,
mono azul lemons, what makes it
a work of art, pho dao, thirteen
pounds of gas, what would
colleen think, not completed,
the wise man does not fall in
love, assidere, response concrete,
fluxywux, jesus charisma, sem,
flow ers, it’s a dusie, from
she to she, political putt or
pot, copto, lucent thot, looss,
why no bend, lithotech, the
made and the unmade, sells
like a charm, zizou, comatose
time, this mail is not for you,
searching for a girl, apple
mail, tokyo talk, temoignages,
real feathers, is like okay,
answer the call, here is your,
still no deadline, how to do
art, you are a part of my
brain, no more isolated,
unrespond, three of a thing,
go from country to country,
superfluxus plus, card of
hearing, weiderholung, treat
as unit, twenty years agoing,
c hobbim roaom, do not deunitize,
holding the art the right way,
thirteen years agoing,

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