Sunday, October 19, 2008

palatino linotype

one is writing money, relict artist,
let’s go straight to the meat, try
and get thru again, you forgot to
do your best, purveyors of fine
chaos since, columbia basin trust,
saint blue, inspect your meat,
humans had essentially colonized,
ran out of stamps, in the toe a hat
united the vacuums, synchronarchy,
gastrocnemiuses, juggling the meat,
folderall, boisterous meat
howitzer, miserama, confused
everything helps, mind bullets,
hoodoo-voodoo financing, saint
mill beer, mumber, noise-organ,
retail terror, creative deterrence,
commencement exercises at
harvard, supererogatory, language
critics, spoiling the paper, unived,
loff, pounding the ball against
the fence, actual sunshine, never
let anyone know your real name,
toner nightmare, the darkness is
shining thru, with a name like,
away work, ex-mail,

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