Sunday, October 12, 2008

lucida sans unicode

let’s talk about metal, browar,
stary, hattenheimer, self serve
copy, that was easy trademark,
the fluctuations, maple elm,
syd syd, disruptive behaviour
disorder, orthomolecular
psychiatry, adrenochrome,
quantum electrodynamics,
area twenty-five, distended
stomach, make yourself some
more time, still three corners,
one letter at a time, ten
thousand copies, blank inside,
tradflask, novascotian structures,
designated blank, the copy in
hand, copy copy project, copies
better when blank, the copir,
sixty-four percent, thirty-six
percent, moved moved, obsolete
address, still floating around
the network, a bloody fire,
change it, trad gang, to flask,
no fun cluster, let it stay
blank, diverse gradations,
actual reality, return to top,
return to saint orage, cover up
the naughty bits, spot the real,
machines that scan books at
a thousand pages an hour,
barflow, the bird cluster,
tivo, a single liquid fabric
of interconnected words,

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