Thursday, October 16, 2008

ms mincho

eye lamp sand arena, one cannot
determine, pussy blossom, i just
created some addnpasses, we need
a bigger scanner, the size of an
address, gnos prizzle, want to be
a production worker, any non-unique
object, the twenty-sixteen, save
a pea, ham chick, microburst,
slab of concrete, low brow art,
the head is concrete, his mouth-
full of ecstasy, googling lovvey,
coffin acid, losels, loblolly-men,
anti-dada, throw a googly, the
subversive underground economy,
harbour craft emittences,
hullow chyst ex, peruvian hats,
the lines are too close together,
the analytical community, “e” in
orange, the wafer-thin mints,
let’s go play hockey, cosumer,
this is not today, what is your
real identity, has there been a
day, toner olympics, toner
warfare, searching for blank,
just work, is this not work,
toleration work, go og, undrive,
always already published,

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