Thursday, October 02, 2008

Estrangelo Edessa

the most loudmouth, breeding
nothing, the labour of play,
actual church, break the text,
where else do you want this
text to go, sort this one out,
now we have two, have not been
to the machine, continue
deterioration, meet you in the
water, four will give you,
signalization, evil twin,
clusters of invention,
twiltone paper, harryhausen
animation, a straight lothario,
paroli, iron chefs, croxhapox,
xeroxen, fuligo, bizou, popular
poetics, mosquitoeskimo, all the
ray jay, farkles, evanescere,
electroflux, pendulum
politics, vicis, a hat in the
ditch, a mosquito scientist
is a, endwarnow, natch, render
the word fuck inoffensive,
the only thing you can’t read,
can’t seem to get thru to you,
why bother with reality, more
art move meant, up it goes on
the net, leave it attached, ple
pou, paint you can touch, prot,
moon and storm, taking the
way, random surprise, holy
paint, breekbaar, golden
detail, is this an eye,

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