Monday, October 06, 2008


beer soup, suntanning in the real,
do the doing again, what are you
going to do with this text,
in general terms now is, workball,
let it get beyond ripe, enjoy the
current, the failure to communicate
is the message, american versions,
a boy and his library, how does
now become then, ephemera on
ephemera, thessalonica, what a
hand, prima e dopa, porn studies,
we are on a trip, poor self
traits, klown, keep the one, are
you one of the children of,
what phase are we in, i hear
what you are saying, try and
read, krowten, aardverx, it’s
music to my eyes, still plenty
of cuts left, macc, twenty-
four big names, a hundred big
names, two hundred big names,
still ray ving, blow art out
your nose, cash elephant,
the plump cherry belly of a
quebec heater with a mica
umbilicus, the exegesis of
hegemony, spoil the penny,
desdemona moss, viremia,
two at stamps, liquid
manure rainbow, zoning out
while reading, medicine
speaks, egg burster, pif,

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