Tuesday, October 28, 2008

back to BatangChe

traditional appellation, oinos,
no matter how hard you look you
cannot read, talkoot, never offer
nobody no, got blank?, a pale
copy, this text is talking to
the machine, you don’t know art
when you see it, depends what
you intend to do with it, the
spine of the photocopied book,
concrete graveyard, poems you
know, go one further, forget
the gun, that is, regal lager,
when the fold comes, taliban
press, guess the spelling,
original defacement, file live,
tell tale crease, golden
fragments, golden gone, el,
seven, copy thermostat, vagl-
eygr, erif, all printing is a
waste of paper, reproget,
income polarization, profane
domesticity, hat ratted beans,
informal economy, alpha
city-regions, the position of
alterity, the spat-glittery
hat, self-nomination, sensus
communus, islamaphobia,
pixilation of power, tampon
mouse, hegemonic context
even, constructed as a hat,
art is anything you can get
away with, the death lodge,
reprogenetics, yakuza,

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