Monday, October 13, 2008


żywiec, eighteen fifty-six, touch
the elm leaf, parchment time, two
corner quarter, akaaka, is it an art
work yet, one is further, wobbling
house, flimsy brain, twelve point
five, the macguffin, put out a
signal, serious art, out of pin,
flicht, back to back we face the
world, is the blur in the eye,
desire recall, how to lack desire,
how rich ought it to be, ommik,
the actual spilling, call me new
address, reading the bubbles,
double-oh zed, resitation,
indeterminate textwork, still
wiping, ice tongs at work, the
uniferse, please information,
a counterfeit of reality more
real than reality, a canadian
researcher, who hates that or a
hat, a hand-sewn dummy book,
nothing concrete,

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