Tuesday, October 21, 2008


kerbock, seeing more than the
artist saw, easy enough to make
it actual, this is not a painting,
self-portrait badge, a red circle
with nothing in it, this is refer,
what’s your insect, question
postage, siamese twin erotica,
naka beyond, emphasis on the amp,
do you recognize the fruit,
certain things, ye ole eye lamp,
a chance for data to flow,
grown-ups and grown-downs,
this text needs to be set free,
what is all this junk, comprun,
miss peek peetes keens, sixteen
hundred, the generic term for
q-tip, toupee ham, blandname,
tibed, the eskimo car, oneiros,
rough eye know, eye own, bug
fighting, dodgery chryslery,
gorgos, permanent blue sky,
raise cotillion, blithesome,
earning details, handing
paper from person to person,
actually pay your own bills,
shop til you puke, can’t even
do long division anymore,
the beer is gone but the
label remains, ununiversal,
aphesis, telanglectasia, the
sea turns to concrete,
cromlech, readograph, flashe,
emerged in the heyday of

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