Thursday, October 30, 2008


am dug, take no photos,
undeck, live forever on tv,
eye zen, home is moving,
remove all nonart portions,
non-art, round trance,
balance ink, evershare,
twelve piece opening,
static information,
heroic epic and the
chomskyan, criterion for
an historical event,
thirteen point three metres,
default block backdoor
subseven trojan horse,
desalvage, er, just
talking tackin’,
emphasis on the of, who’s
drivin’, testing time
testing, still intervene,
doing drug text, pelagie,
plagiostomes, how vast is
a good brain, giffer,
remove the mark, the one
direction, public domain
yet, o-ing, the book
everybody is reading,
what’s the story poet,
well aitch, sorry try
again, resale use, re:
cent passages, the write
message, who’s reading,
tryon acarras, help
yourself to a book,
what’s the point of
reading, it’s where we
live now, move the mark,
how are we supposed to
understand this, you
think you’ve read, conj,

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