Sunday, October 19, 2008

MV Boli, NSimSun

tendentia, concrete the hidden,
majlis, saint range love, what
continent is this on, a panjoyed
sutra, sent out for more hats,
superlingual, gallus canit,
everybody hates chris, weisse,
highly-embellished cards,
nudibranch, the last penny you
are going to see, the face on mars,
that’s some printer, calligraphy
on napkin, another big event we,
face on face, hatrack dada,
naomfs, the ultimate eye, pop
cum funk, au held, the event is
long gone, how many tongues, tip
o’ the pen, high-minded international
altruism, dore in whave, everything
has commercial value, still
september, retcon, grown up in a
concrete block house, a woolly
afghan hat, his hat covering his
eyes, accedence, wholly concrete,
concrete phenomenon, concrete
socio-historical conditions of
her epoch, begin again at a, back
from the edge, mayor boog,

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