Friday, October 24, 2008

vrinda, tnr

frenz, spot yourself, can’t seem
to get thru to the reader,
quick like a bunny or dead like
a bunny, kirriemuir, money of
the day, no mail sign, all of
twenty-three, mapjunncsave,
make the bank fess up, how
can you steal your own flesh
and blood, just give me one
little poem, there’s no getting
thru to these people, tell me
what you hate, what is juicy
for, these are fighting words,
could you do me a mosquito
piece, the sort of art that
makes you tremble, perception
and reality, a wicked printer,
structural simplicity, penny
member, name recognition, are
you a senior or a junior,
look with eye andor mind, icees,
standing on one hand, need to
learn how to act, trance-babble,
tattooed trademark, the squints,
a microdot of negativity,
scrap-bookie, prepetition, ijiji,
digital print, generic data,
sitting duck or decoy, and
the winner is… death, nothing
makes me come, grex,
phraselater, higer than
empty communication,

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