Monday, October 13, 2008

mangal, marlett, microsoft sans serif

the top variety, do you want to
save the changes to the mind,
ponere, mouse of eliot, face
of ray, do you see what you
are seeing, face of who,
recycle ideas, received nothing,
one for everyone, contribution
to make, a twenty dada, mmt,
return the bit, now all these
forms, tet an us, hr refers to,
forgot we had any postage,
check the void, too com plex,
xat, numb to numbers, base zero,
grand zero, deduct nothing,
the hand of your boss, work
considered play, aphasia work,
rock it back and forth,
collage rubber, who will fill
this gap, for those of you who
can’t read this, pica garamond,
a dangerous reality, a typical
reality, celesta, a three-dee
escher, geodesic concrete
meditational structure,
elephantine glory, hasti varcas,
brahma gnana, power is
concrete in actuality,

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