Wednesday, October 08, 2008


colour thirty-six, picture turns
to black, no need for colour text,
beyond the edge of the reproduction,
semaphore fades out, black ink
only, original purple, tlbp, dash
it, adulari irenic, free super
object, v human, bryostorm, free to
be buried, just takes a second to
make a copy, toner halo, maximum
flow, all the colours that were
there, free to be whated, this bit
of scratch, rezerect the comp,
take the copies back to the
copier, no you are losing the
beauty, beer rebus, you can buy
the whole world, paper discount,
sicae, the webmind, hand eye
coordination, whatever it once
said, consider this text for
your, might amuse you to see
this again, just as god, the
pear is long gone, dredging up
beauty, everything you were
desiring, a page spared from
the inferno, merest mention
of you, i need a commodity,
hull lull, not trying to fool
you, gone nog, my name is poetry,
meet me on page ten, you can
visit nothing, just about the
time the ink ran out, compete
for nothing, by rum, get a
hit, asaxena, nothing if not,

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