Monday, October 20, 2008

raavi, shruti, SimHei

create a list to e-mail this group,
four two six five oh five oh, tuche,
nothing blank about this, marks
taken for signs, brixmox, how
can you even look at this,
begging for cuts, actuality
versus reality, fufle, carbon
date shakespeare, human hunka,
through with this yet, crox,
bitter reality, next door to,
colden, a walking antique,
give me a new sign, hapox,
envision art, fold the other way,
the actual croxhapox, stretch
reality, twenty-six letters
will get you there, xopahxorc,
croxspot, spread your legs, give
her a call, révélaient, probably
nothing, pass it on in time,
pink folds, one writes to get
to bed,

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