Thursday, October 09, 2008


beer time, mutation of self,
the part we are prepared to part
with, the part we are prepared to
hold on to, nothing inside, i’m
thinking copy, where this all
came from, smile you’re dying,
cutting reality, arpallisis,
beer pif, lsd mutation, eye
as a host, bright and shiny
death, porn loss, colour loss,
where do you see yourself
fitting in, art sales, cease
production altogether, examine
the copy and see that it is
an original too, you can tell
by the reality, but you might
want to indicate,

pasangrahan, like a page in a
book, smart spam, still writing,
frank slide, there’s only one
way deterioration, surveillance
wing, phainein, jumping dot,
convenience text, casalingo,
simple math problems, trappist
beer, authentic trappist, kook-
and-dishdrudge, dabbawallah,
cold hard evidence, fagwa,
fadvert, paraquat, loccing,
cryptobiotic, person-of-letters,

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