Monday, October 20, 2008

i'm using recursive markov chains

nine grand, roe not caviar, can't just
place it on your computer anymore,
dezinformatsiya, litterart,
scheduled outrage, hundred and
ninety-foot concrete cross, resist
the temptation to jump too far ahead
in terms of knowledge, note: permission
to use this well known photograph...
was refused, a red circle around
the barrel of a gun, why is the
book so heavy, auieo, self-rep, feed
parse error, consciousness in a
cluster, the most troglodyte of
right-wing politicians, clusters
along the nation's highways, crwth,
texere, all hat tiffin for thea,
gaslighted, rotgut colonized
sexuality, research time release,
the "civilized" heart of european,
doing the butt, anti-entity, a mini-
nation whose power is based on
the use of shit, sex for pleasure
as commodity to exchange, on the
make, bitchified, cluster of
photographs, early seventies in
clusters, wide latin flux,
there is a break coming, balloon
show, new mad,

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