Monday, October 27, 2008

arial black, aftertalk

egg me on, what colour is this
font, all that rigmarole for
fifteen cents, the most advanced
deterioration, glass getting, i
still i, late to rest, there’s no
rush to use this text, kerbock
conceptualism, lithography
maitreya, the heyday of seeing,
chicken foot all, amor copy,
moss getting, glass
rapideographs, still flow, i
europe, five copis, it’s not suppose
to be a sheet of paper, now it is
eight, a vov, e vov, glass eats,
better mark late than never,
lezio, brings out certain features
obscures others, blank order,
tiffany wax, here’s your eight
dollar photocopy, display
portion, reality gets unfolded,
previous to farewell, study
overlong, order are, squilla
armata, snoek, army worm,
white fly,

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