Thursday, October 09, 2008


rotate ninety degrees, ex if,
a member of the surveillance,
one will not do, bonanzerox,
hokester, saturn nine, artistic
criteria, still of the same name,
top it up to ten, postage galore,
rubber stump, pharmapoesis,
raining hedgehogs, elimae,
high costs enviro, as mortise
unto tenon, the language trap,
the liquid courage of my
fluid convictions, the worst
beer you ever drank, an artificial
being, chimay, spend all your
money on booze, dysmoralia,
minx lightning, the scum that
forms on the surface of
molten metal, loaded forbearing,
the paper people place near your
computer, this exact moment in
time, gob art, what label is this
on, this reminds you of you,
never be frank, a hand for a
head, open and see, punctuation
love, nonintentional green
smudge, add some ass, high
this is me, looks pretty first
hand to me, actual art,
this is the iner, this is a
rock, identical originals,
expendio, claim your fold,
the cast freak, excremental
art, print it yourself,

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