Thursday, October 16, 2008

ms gothic

hefe, seit, perpend dick, tube regular,
pertuity, with that amount of money,
that amount not this, actual pay,
saint iegl, two beers please, javexevaj,
give you a nickle, reference author,
nonlocal newspaper, yact, purchase
nothing, checkstand arts, socialites
cluster, her cot’s edge, drug
addicted loved ones, a machine
for living, the shapes of teacups,
a mere coffee mill, the hard left,
the virus or rotten apple effect,
a weapon-rich environment versus
a target-rich environment, remove
the bookmarks, lrdc, jajing!,
e, retrocession, nibbana, annica,
intended reality, a real-time
fiction, the real flux of the
definite particles, orange blossoms
in his hat brim, somagrams, déjà lu,
acoherent, spectacularized
commerce, up-talk, crunked-out
electro beats, frame grabs,
local friend, still plenty blank
from yesterday, starts with a
smudge, ends with a smudge,
anna log poetry,

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