Friday, October 24, 2008

tunga, verdana

you are here, not trying to make,
base elk, imagine nothing, the
toner hole, gone city, logopolis,
the title is an erratum slip,
here a bout of, toxic concrete,
your presence is not felt, am
continuing, crambe repetita,
amarushataka, pahlevans,
tranya-swilling, likkil, acid
is groovy, life-hacking, fuck
tabs, gegenfuge, the pearlagraph,
motherance, the flossies all and
mossies all, the poets exploding
like bombs, paete non dolet,
sallescape, suburban structure,
courage everything that’s human,
e-waste, present and concrete,
manufacturing pottery to
smash, creative composting,
extended producer responsibility,
junk junkie, bundjil, oost west,
the today, what the person really
looks like, so much graphic
design, da ba, imbuto, one big
name, nothing mere, tiphareth,
netzach, get a window, ondoor,
cores pond dance shul, the wind
in the head, fold seal, eye
support art if, psychogeocache,
bendigo, tritems, french fries
that taste like potatoes,
pottery throwing, religion
is a placebo, but so is art,
wordsing, ahi, klangfarbe,

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