Thursday, October 23, 2008


the concrete pave, if we had enuf
writing, heme, elk’s water, xboxing
trickup, digital toner, you are
always going, is the logo part
of the poem, an actual real
typewriter, here abouts here,
recopied free, appelants, hats
auction, coltan, roe, where do you
get your mail, brownism, the red
top hat, chamanisme, nothing
static, procerity, samadhi,
zeugmatography, a coonskin
jumpin’ spider hat, lympha,
xxxedding, bollix the
machine, meminisse, marion
alachonne, conservative mailart,
quesel, any custom message,
the first thing you spend your
money on, inspected by nobody,
keeping track of paper, tiny
words in signature line,
cheque writing project, will
these blanks ever be filled,
over a hundred blanks, if
we ever fill all these blanks,
part of the unit is gone, power
eagle hydrovac, beside the
tracks drinking, transaction
not completed, what have i
got in back pocket, why the
colour, what are you supposed
to do with writing like this,
still jmbeing, dripping in
your hatband, actuall,
spoon please, meter mail,

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