Monday, October 06, 2008


time to deal with this, lots of
volts but no amps, future texts,
pure elementary, bacillus
thuringiensis israelensis, no need
to examine the original, faint
and getting fainter, precise
destiny, mosquito sense, the smart
whodat, explain the computer,
the most eye, the house of place,
folding mailart, the title of
this series is five copies, and
your identity is, your actual
hand, how many hats can you
wear, nothing is being lost,
it’s so black it’s red, this is
the ripest of the ripe, you will
just have to remember what it
said, steal your own ideas, no
need to designate nothing, the
smart mosquito, the most
explain, the house of mailart,
the five copies zine, fold to
indicate, fold the opposite way,
ripeness wise, lighen, darken
your way, holy shit, make sure
you don’t lose the thread,
postage glorious postage,
pantymouth, blood poetics,
post-colonial irony, the
tecumseh breakers, concrete
crumbles, de mug een kwart
eeuw, teledildonic, anti-
moth, certainty of access,
jubject, pilule, parallelysis,

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