Sunday, October 05, 2008


adulari, career sat, man one, a
signal from a window, lucinda
handwriting, ultrathick, chop
at comma, colophon no fall
lock, text halo, æsthetic
letter, what do you plan to do
with this blank space, hat
one thirteen, do makeready, go
fly a kite, every word is a noun,
facticity city, riddle me with
bullets, put these other marks
on the paper, the makeready and
the thing itself, tender loving
booklet, lack language, saint
cafs, homogenius, copy event,
remake yourself, enough copies
to last you for a year, the
hat flower, geopoetics, huges
caput earlyfouler, amblyopia,
hatblat, agnosia, pneumatic
tube men, mechane, irenic,

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