Sunday, October 05, 2008


mailart will set you free, now we
have money, torino sauvig, now we
have money, sbecks, opuntia blossom
with metallic green bee, served by
man two, radeberger pil, make
progress now, obliged to write,
still breeding, xenial, ready to
let things fly, poorly printed
postage, let’s talk about words,
qoin hat, the top actuality, ż
concrete, warzone actuality, gap
culture, where a piece of paper
can get to, the only artists
left, let’s ask reality, note
direction of drift, now you’re
stuck with a wad, let’s talk
about money, eye wise actual,
just as if there never was no
gap, in memory of forgetting,
good for nothing but, le plus
bons du monde, datum worth
trance, entheogen, two ct two,
the theories of otherwise,
hope canada embraces, diclofenac,
copy clerks, spending their lives
copying documents, amoros cap,
tricorn hat, universalami, ictus
debarrassment, chi-chi, the
paper is the best part, finger-
prints in clay, folding is
a job of work, regardless of
degree, now we’re folding,

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