Sunday, October 26, 2008


swish, how come you never use your
seal anymore, graf, shelanagig,
this this or that this, drukwerk,
indirect cyberstamp, this could
be worse, substance unknown,
theres abound, take in what
sense, contrary spaces, record
poem lp, when you were still
overseas, spakenburg, busy hand
at work, lysergsäuredimethylamid,
rauschgift, le baiser, grafiek,
the snow and the snow is gone,
kaltmenü, a little touch of
reality, this is where we used
to play, passing from mouth to
mouth, religiously blank, is
that not a pessimistic conclusion,
post-concrete, about here is
nowhere, visula, click the logo,
calgary scotland, the toner
grind, tricky reading, cau,
scanner versus copier, sleepwalking
alcohol, cluster attacks, my
name is mud ra, the reality
agent, bof slag, xeroxes
already xeroxed information,
a random individual in the
ditch, nickleback, tuyeres,
xenoglossia, embarcadero
center hyatt, concrete
insolite, unpopular truths,
the present respectabit, a
silly key hole, concrete-muds,
blood-engorged mosquitoes,

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Clifford Duffy said...

slave driver thanks you!