Friday, October 03, 2008

franklin gothic medium

the house of grand, calceus, great
exuma, the ditch report, puppets
spattering concrete, childream’s
hours expercatered, skin radio,
five million mosquitoes, the
concrete-dropping incident,
megaintelligence, the writing
has come to a halt, two pages,
fill this part, moooning, just
keep copying, lapostoll, highgih,
the sun is standing still, the
mossy-quito woods, snailblubber,
mosquito man, sentence of the
grass, big white hat required,
big gold hat rather, less than
a dollar a beer, gladly pay
ya later, a year ago and gone
now, eighteen fifty, it’s no
secret, a plastic nine-up sheet,
why two, wove move, the look
of music, measure out the
square centimeterage, here’s one
you have not seen, volume sixty
thousand, don’t try and send,
if you’ve seen one blog you’ve
seen ‘em all, hout, in touch
around the globe, heaven moss,
alft, subtle sign, the best
nothing yet, nothing is more
important than anything else,
nothing has a special place,

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