Friday, October 17, 2008

MS Outlook

what are you doing, toner hammer,
starts with a b, can we look at the
font, hat and cane dance, clivus,
bean sidhe, faceway, check for
meat, trepalium, bibakd, ever to
haunt a child’s mind, did you
mean droperidol, cognitive
classification, en bon point,
withdraw the limit, baked reality,
call the lido, which way does
the sign go, answer to press,
sunburn us, jack your brain,
pyramid of dead leaves, done
up to a t, what is this picture
of, touchent, crock of what, how
you want to hold it, eye will,
the mess is the point, begging
for cuts, how are they one,
do so con, being negative,
pizza politics, prose is a kind
of concrete poetry with
justified margins, fresh eye
shard, what would they do
with art, the missing beer,
psephology, high-political
crisis in england, socinian,

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