Sunday, October 05, 2008


dash ell, let somebody else do
the desiring, flying superman
kite, nothing lucid, saint argent,
realize your ideas, sacroiliac,
cacographic copying, miss tongue’s
careful copies, proxenete,
suchcaughtawan, her erring
cheef, antiabecedarian,
the orange term, the tranced
wish, the tranced dancing of
men, consciously poetical hat,
deodars, de jure divino, the
plumes in the cocked hats,
uprooting the moss, spalbeen,
a poplar bluff, bees break
cluster, the broken cluster,
glostora, dig where the gold
is, green gold, seeing dross as
gold, consciousness in trance,
hold the thot you fool, night
snake, give you the weird face,
the moss from the tyrolean
iceman’s colon, we are not
really on this page, patch
dynamics, the most useful
book in the house, as far as
we were able to go, a reading
error, twenty dollars in
nineteen-sixty-nine, what book
do you love today, wherever
the bookmark happens to be,
never none-derstand, make me
an offer i can refuse, up
in the hundred, how you get,

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