Sunday, October 12, 2008

i don't have any stamps, so...

qoin, corq, mt, why this paper and
not that paper, is this art yet,
get the chunk sent, what do you
remember of, some ray of light,
this does not need to be copied,
got text?, disappreciation, ding
these down into, copy epoch,
blood flow to the brain, no we
have no stamps, muffet, blowout
job report, concrete-dropping
incident, anti-scepticism, the
red needle, the time we are aiming
for, first we see the money, a
solid gold hat, an orange bicycle
horn on my everyday hat, the
campo santo of nonconformists,
the compatibility of
horticulture and even an
experimental, humourously
confusing exchange, if it
looks like mail, not actually
mailed, nothing subversive,
chop stick papers, now is the
only time we have for art, a
flashflood of money, the paper
has been all the way to japan
and italy and back, security
is still available, mint in
the middle, play the berimbau,
hanna husky, actual japan,
seven come, edema, up to two
sixty, down to two thirty-
six, trance port hats,

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