Saturday, July 11, 2009


it’s the day, read and ye shall see,
concrete earth cycle, a major cluster
of wet episodes, speleothems, fourchette,
faux hawk, symmetrate, no i;m not
going to scratch that, a tibetan hat,
orange decor, cherry medicine, drop
of a hat productions, coleus, what
would you rather be doing? nothing,
trance aybit, texts to hang out in,
snailbank, junk language, orange
plastic ruler, iced sausages, counter-
factuals, possibilia, habits of children
extend, mice & moss, the edges of a hedged
class, calistoga bottle cap, empty
headed contemplating, argoing, rarin’
to go, siopold, phenothiazine, scop,
the animal that invented the hat,

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