Thursday, July 30, 2009


perks are for jerks, strung up
by the heel again, these fit
together like a foot goes in a
glove, find the difference, the
man you stripped, you have
exchanged joy for misery,
everybody wants but, every
direction home, methinks you
underestimate methinks, strange
totem, the employed is a
shifter, fell down the concrete
poopshoot, oölfrugeous,
financiae, tappata, the artist’s
body, okay so who are you now?,
how are you going to pay your
rent, memespace, egomaniacal,
weakened to the point of
collapse, tried to pretend to
be strong enough, ain’t got no
gizmo now, i was going to give
you some money but, well it
won’t really be chance,
regarding your other, least
billable unit, i’m stickin’
with myself, get let go, pay
it off slowly or, legala,
be bled, liable to, inksane,
billable moments, nameplates,
bamboozlya bamboozlaphoozia,
i’ve got a passion for cheese,
maybe you’ll win one, uncrazy,

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