Thursday, July 02, 2009

ok so here's a text:

do not machine, evolving or deterior
ate ing, shut off the mike, practically
an original, fadin’ away on ya, stick
with it, another day that came & went,
skimpin’ ya on the ink, filed away (at
the bars of the prison, yet more,
yet more, yet more, dialectic guitar,
imp hinge, appointed saying, signify!
as in: declare yourself!, the dud that
exploded, lower than whale shit, gap
addiction, sugerpussy, common
humanity to escape, imp romp too,
i like to be around beautiful women
but i prefer to sit with my back to
them (crossed out), super silly us,
a mossy was an abrupt change of
topic, superabundancing, she
changed her mine, potent dark,
i jam what i jam & i paint what i
paint, high times at the grand
prix, car bliss man, death of senna,
screech, tobacco advertizing &
death, exactly what i was thinking,
‘s phrase, chaotic plenitude, day is
this? pointing, backward, illusion
of reference, points forward, it is
night, it expletive, semantically
empty, eagle squeals at night,
a visit to the lottery terminal, spun
puns, cohesion not coherence, two
bookmarks (one for the footnotes,
some of the goodness in its non-e?,

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