Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"mere of it"

orange spacecraft, graham’s
constant, alternity, a shit of
paper, the cancer dentist, my
first bug, dust the fruit-
stickers, these texts need to be
separated, this text will be
good for, this text will be
good for, violence replaces
nothing, arbitrary break in the
text, colour goes with colour,
what the hell’s in the jam jar,
who are all these people, please
ignore the text, a couple
hundred degrees of degradation,
why can’t you let the text go,
how can this blot mean
anything to anyone, nature
maintains its integrity, inter
saint ice, the new thing is
worse than the old thing,
you asked me to track you
down, add toner, loop o
seven, quit writing like that,
ink ox, i am standing still,
grew so ugly, longon, thouse,
what does the photocopy have
over the printed page, con’t,
we might get a penny out
of this, one more drink won’t
kill you, do something fun
with this text, keep away
from the kunst, more of it,

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