Sunday, July 12, 2009

"theory has no place in poetry"

you don’t have to dance with all the
ugly boys, it don’t matter what the
smear consists of, the slightly
attached, let us interconnect each
other, communication is power, go dirt,
go dirty, ten years of blank history,
ultrarevolutionists, studio teaspoon,
wombling, i was forgetting myself
there for a moment, growing in clusters
of individuals, hello blah, to hell
with the brain, all new cry, blank
yellow, coffee is at the wheel, junk
ball, thou shalt not be blank, dada
entry, you have had your defining
moment and it wasn’t pretty, still
an animal at heart, regular university,
nichol arts museum, an unconscious
tendency towards self-destruction,
sunny s, is it gymkhana or gymhkhana?,
ain’t having no parties, pre-slacker,
there’s a lot to be said for five cents,
i was born ready as my dad used to say,
she nukes me, theory has no place in
poetry, say it out in full, not the
marlborough man, chapmen had ever
hoped, hierarchy of editors creative,
the poetic lowlife, churches & exposes
hypocrites, concrete earth cycle, you
could be writing in the margins, the
reason is forward, makes a nice eight
and a half by eleven poster, just say
ditto, the zines are under lock and key,
can you read polish, can you polish
reading, we thot wet hot, eight pennies,
no more envelopes!, imp refill, shop op,
ask yourself and you shall receive,
poor old me, it’s all about the time, ing,

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