Friday, July 10, 2009

"olim" & "kigo"

mega-mall, malicious
lectotypification, chapters in
the early history, holmgrenia
chrysea, reproduced with loss of
detail, badidio, microliterature,
chartaceous, olim, nowhere
visible, thet white-winged crow,
angulation choir, sphgnu,
looking at moss thru a
telescope, parried rapider,
the peatman, elmopty, dope
hope, oorego, the mamey tree,
lift yourself out of the
bog by the scruff of yr neck,

d’art, e-e-e-e, art-art-art-art,
blank below the line, one hundred
percent recycled art, any idea
what you’re going to say,
delight simple, bilhou, shock
the house, my imaginary hat,
an oversized hat, meat parade,
lack lyric, put the five,
peanut paste, remini red o,
pixel perfect, image cluster,
non-event productions, suicide
medicine, kigo, nomadclature,
a stunning head ornament,
magically concreted itself,
cancow apps, hinge picture,

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