Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"made copies of a sheet of paper with words on it"

kitchen blizzard, tidy page,
robot page, sixmas, ego sleep,
sleeping race, hockey sleep,
real penwork, this is not a sign,
img src, ullapse, sign out once
and for all, hydrography,
powersport, made copies of a
sheet of paper with words on it,
lebensgliedes, eleven unresolved
items, trance feud, mesto,
robot ranch, signs of humanity,
slouch hat, micropoetry,
locust andor tara gum,
recognize the city, en vente,
geoism, negatory big, wats
of says, what is the problem
what is the problem, thirty-
four million dollars, copy
death, see the sign, copy
theft, embossed thank you,
post fluxus, fluxus poem,
bottomlining, texts like
this, high caps, laistig, eye
look, toner stretch, hun
gelding, yellowish black,
pure text, event score, is
this a rebus, peace dream,
high and low contact,
career expanded is a

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