Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"six billion minus one equals"

separated with kids, divorced with
kids, ron sillion, usual orange, hidden
earmarks and coverts, you will work
hard to achieve… control of your
time, you want violet ink, dinhs,
hand carved eggheads, saint ort, six
billion minus one equals, golub, you
can live without turkey, contact contact
contact, break all your own rules,
neverclick, lovehate, a lot of mail
has been arriving at, you keep making
the same mistake over and over and over,
you need all these by today, now we need
to check the errata for errors, the
originals are for sending, but let’s
copy them first, one small difference
after another, elvis the couple changes
hooters, folded saints, imp alp able,
hyperanalog, clusterphobia, ulalu,
morning trances, sopraninos, capture
humidity’s essence, shakuhachi, orange
pill, securitv, sidwalk, hippie capitalism,
paraworthies, orange crate, saint runk,
bursts orange, antiprisms, trapezohedra,
orange month, orange cigar, the weight
of my hat on my head,

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