Monday, July 27, 2009


kunst kontakt, psychedelic
pussy, offending command,
creative operators, is the man
turning to stone or is the stone
turning to man, are you on a
tea trip, fecit, a simple
work of art, ver ichtet, the
website is always already
long gone, we thot you were
psychic, that orange plastic
fencing, contains no beauty,
artchitexture, a stack of
cookies with bites out of them,
dangle your feet off the
balcony as if you were dead,
candado, collage with meat,
otońo, not for sale for sail,
when did the fly die,
quilceniad, the higher fish
and the lower fish, it was
on the way to the garbage
anyway, it would be easy
enuf to translate, the
valuative approach, destination:
further, paintings you can put
your finger on, you can
understand anything if you
want to, zaklady, ten year
memory, put an ad in your
local artsrag, at least art,

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