Friday, July 31, 2009

"myzopoetics" &c.

a kinder surprise, swallowed or
inhaled, a gutter spout, hey don’t
write all over my paper,
perseveration, you’ve had money
before, until the money runs out,
you’re not actually going to be
there in person but, pork barrel
shotgun, how many of these
things do you go thru, perseverate
in the psychological sense,
myzopoetics, only one mind can
make out this bologna,
streamlined evictions,

this fragment of paper
represents the buddha, alelos,
proximate to the berry, one
collected points, one collected
more points, and still more
points, saint ah der, priddle-
praddle, bary, cds going for
two bits these days, amusement
expenditures, more specifical
beautiful people, erin
brockovitch erin, one is
beyond nutty, you saw them
all and forgot them all drunk,
one remembers it all wrong,
it copyright, the only item,

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