Monday, July 13, 2009

i don't understand why we didn't put this online the first time

cypress tree, one oh nine at
five, the new canadian one
hundred dollar bill,
philumenists, confessions of an
economic hit, lariot, shinook,
deep infinity, stringendo,
whale post, cult object,
neuromarketing, brodmann
area ten, cluster research,
the blue penny, panmodern,
novel concrete situations,
now what about this, a sign
meaning, blank movie, one
copy blank, fracker, blank
movement, higgle play, txt
power, blank repetition,
here comes difference, pen
task, frack off, still
approve, accidental
editions, master writer,
manila organization, imp
frac, canada inverted,
still approval, thirty-five
hundred pals, psychic
television, sixty-four,
this was meant to be
different, middle bufo,
you are being ignored,
jump to electronic,

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