Thursday, July 09, 2009

"zoysia gerontocratic metasound the breakfront"

in the words of emolation, not my
hat the hat, one less object to
bring with us on the journey, binder
done that, no we are typing whole
hog, the person is long gone but,
me no more, this could be turned
into , augur, don’t forget the
thing you always forget, don’t
forget your necktie, free enter,
creamy sticky buns, the toil sands,
careful what you dream, one has to go
to prison, zoysia gerontocratic
metasound the breakfront, one has to
go to coke class, working a hundred
and eighteen hour week, locked in
immortal combat, there seems to
be an eye at work here, keep your
eyes to yourself, let’s do the speak,
let’s do the straight speak, what
the heck is yucca moss, agreement
zones, temporal myopia, love the
tar sands potential, careful you
don’t bend that spoon, pornopo,
sweet disorder versus, i made a
profound error, ampliphone, transbot,
how are you going to pay for all
this?, zero recall, rubble stamp,
mail art is a workout!, pennyize it,
what time is it? it’s whatever time
you want it to be, art is the opposite
of money, lawyers: capitalizing on

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