Sunday, July 19, 2009

"invigilation network"

…………………, old out, it’s a text all
right, want the old machine back,
dematerialize, ink is one thing:
toner is another, no member, on
the rise, narcopolitics, back
reading, extreme writing,
hallucidity, it’s just a piece of
paper, “the little white man tells
us when to walk”, fractal interior,
gaping mail, this servomechanism,
hoicked up, total feeled aware,
easternization, magnetscape,
more writers than readers, we
were already there all along,
all tension turned elsewhere,
eye destroyed us, something had
us in a vice, who we’re we?,
just a doodle, isn’t it?, aska
you, type of writer, eff art,
invigilation network?, a broken
record of some sort of existence,
an interest in silent seams,
y’eye!, we were on the wrong
track, wrong to copy, another
new house, better version less
ledge able, yellow ink thru, head
in the wrong whole, the inclusive
domain, out of that context, a
glance into another universe,
need to know nothing, orchid volts,
again saint po, over writing, no,

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