Monday, July 27, 2009

"all words are bad words"

you could of cleaned the vomit
off it, is this a facsimile or is
it a facmetaphor, pulp this text,
zed rocks, chester field, it’n,
who are ya lookin’ like today,
emote icon emote, git yr prod
cost down, up the tube with
one eye open, collectable marks,
not expecting inspection, fistpo,
pierrefonds, ax and ye shall,
a suspicious lack of variation,
a suspicious lack of variation,
a suspicious lack of variation,
cut, perhaps you see me as a bit
of a bandit, better not even
look at it, thankfully blurry,
the clincher is yet to come,
a girl in a box, not much to say
about the lope, a book full
of rusty staples, one klick-klack,
a little bit of paint, accept
the chaos portal, everybody needs
help, skin seeking, just leave
me here i’m fine, my german
is not good enuf to comprehend
your sentence, actual artist
spit, you can’t see the gold
for the pink, is that a
scorpion you have tattooed
on your belly, the stirring,
nathalie pelletier, prettynot,

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