Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"fishing for responses"

nothing gets capitalized in
my world, a vacation in a
cooler clime, even evening,
backdada, fishing for
responses, if you don’t know
geuss, use yr clues, seems
whole heal, is it the fade
you want, no girls fer me
thx, the copy is just fine
thx, the ongoing word, turn
back the rubberstamp clock,
hello paul, the original
sucks, the desire file,
nothing in the long run,
near agony, desparat, how
can you possibly read this
blob, hello random person,
live inside the toner,
metamaterials, ordi,
upbringal, compassion
fatigue, final national
encampment of the gar,
alberta ostrich: head
buried in the oilsands,
chat presence, early streamer
emission, take it easy on
the rubberstamp, how can
a name be bad, grand total
auto, you can be as
generous as you wanna be,
smearwords, it’s all going
to go to waste, seven grand,

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