Saturday, July 18, 2009

"dropping out of the net" & "the art of exuberance"

despondance, one time only,
copied and sent, the balt, guess
what’s in the box, dream me up a
dream, vague memories of, a
special place for, reach!,
searchn from home, clean out
the envelope, a sign that,
still unarmed, cough a,
the ink is still flowing,
to: blank, where’d all the art
go, dropping out of the net,
particle ident, now here is
something, the turning point
keeps returning, where did
this idea originate, return to
the network, still to be,

imp press egghead, my hat
includes your head too,
update your sight, you already
have all the books you need,
march in the parade of
liberty, this envelope is
loaded eh, nothing happens,
this envelope is empty eh,
dust the chrome, cut holes,
still garding, the art of
exuberance, never works alone,
louse magnified, temporary
glue, co-mingle, how
respond, mere excellence,
being’s being, blurrr, or igi,

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